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University of Talca (© LAZ)
University of Talca (© Dr. Pablo Villalobos, Director de Planificación y Análisis Institucional, UTALCA)

University of Talca

Logo Universidad de Talca

Portrait of the university

The Universidad de Talca (UTALCA) is a leader in education and research since 1981. Roughly 9,000 students are currently enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The university’s research focuses mainly on the natural sciences and engineering.

Their image as a renowned international and innovative university is evident in the institution’s commitment to social responsibility. Not only is the university a constant contributor to numerous projects and initiatives, but also a pioneer and catalyst in shaping regional development. For instance, the university promotes fair access to education in the region besides leading the development and conduction of health campaigns for the population.

The University’s initiatives against climate change

Environmental awareness and climate protection are becoming important aspects of daily life in Chile and have been incorporated into the work of the university. The university is responsible for one of the projects, a state-funded program called ‘Explora’. ‘Explora’ exposes children and adolescents to science and encourages them to find an interest in a scientific field.

The university’s strength in research and development is apparent in their combination of climate research and protection. The climate in Chile has changed: exceptionally high UV-radiation and water shortage bear witness of this process and pose seemingly insurmountable challenges for people and environment, especially during the summer months. The development of innovative models and initiatives facilitates climate adaptation regionally. In order to prove their claims, the university erected a UV-censor at the entry gate of the campus. This UV-censor indicates the current UV-radiation and alerts the local population when an unhealthy UV-threshold is reached. The system also helps when UV-levels decline again, as all of the residents in Talcas (‘Talquinos’) can protect themselves accordingly.

UTALCA’s role in protect the climate

UTALCA has many years of experience with universities and associations from Germany. Hence it is not surprising that UTALCA demonstrated their interest in the project already during its planning phase. Like the other partners, UTALCA provides us with extensive information on the domestic situation of climate change and the fight against poverty. In a short film, they sum up the various problems and show how measures are undertaken on site for the adaption to climate change.

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© Dr. C. Zettel
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Projektpartner in Chile
Key data: Chile


16.9 million


756,626 km²

GDP per capita 

14,967 USD (2011)





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Source: German Federal Foreign Office, UNDP


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