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Lateinamerika-Zentrum e.V.

50th anniversary LAZ (© LAZ)
50th anniversary LAZ (© LAZ)

50 years for Latin America

The association

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The Lateinamerika-Zentrum e.V. (LAZ; Latin America Center) is a registered NGO located in Bonn focusing on development cooperation. Founded in 1961, the LAZ has assisted numerous projects in co-operation with various Latin American organizations for more than 50 years. All involved partners join their efforts to sustainably fight poverty with the objective of improving living conditions for marginalized groups in the society.

All of the projects, the LAZ and the participating organizations conduct, aim to empower its stakeholders. The LAZ particularly supports initiatives dealing with development issues such as education, ‘empowerment’ of women, employment qualification, agriculture and health, even though environmental-and climate protection is gradually becoming more important. The LAZ provides temporary service to the partner organizations, so that the skill set they acquire during this time enables them to work independently in the future.

Until today, the LAZ has partially financed and accompanied nearly a thousand projects in 17 different countries. It received and receives steady support of the European Union (EU) and the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Educational efforts

The LAZ also offers educational services on development and politics in Germany and throughout Europe, seeking to inform about the living circumstances in Latin America. More generally, it aims to sensitize participants on the much larger structure of global problems and injustices during workshops, for example the intertwined relation of climate change and poverty. Public events in Germany also illustrate the continent’s diversity and unique culture. For these events, the LAZ can rely on the help of its ‘Circle of Friends‘. This group includes a lot of people from many different parts of Latin America.

LAZ’s role in protect the climate

The LAZ is the main partner of the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis. It supports local authorities in the implementation of projects after having described the project’s schedule. For this project, the LAZ has mediated between the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis and the Latin American partners. Additionally, the LAZ agreed to raise most of the remaining funds for this project. The European Union funds 75% of the total costs.

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80.2 million


357,050 km²

GDP per capita

31,415 €





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Source: German Federal Foreign Office, UNDP


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